2011 Rowan University Alliance Award Recipients
[6/1/2011] - The 2011 Alliance Award was presented to Vincent Tedesco and Scott Storms of Rowan University College of Engineering at the SJMCA 39th Annual Golf Outing. more

2010 Alliance Award Recipient
[5/19/2010] - The 2010 Alliance Award was presented to Evan Forosisky of Rowan University College of Engineering at the SJMCA 38th Annual Golf Outing. more

James B. Kehoe named President, New Jersey State Association of Pipe Trades
[7/16/2009] - James B. Kehoe, business manager of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 322 has been named president of the New Jersey State Association of Pipe Trades. The 10,000-member group consists of plumbers, pipefitters and HVAC technicians from throughout the state. As president, Kehoe will be active in advancing legislative initiatives and promoting awareness surrounding the importance of hiring these highly skilled and trained individuals. more

Local 322 Apprentices Had Perfect Attendance
[7/9/2009] - SJMCA presented a $1000 Savings Bond to each of the following Apprentices for perfect attendance: :Luis Pomales,Jr., Christopher P. Young, ChristineM. Major, John R. Zorn and Jeremy C. Santora more

2009 Alliance Award Recipients
[6/2/2009] - The 2009 Alliance Awards were presented to Tony LaBarck and Tood Nilsen of Roawan University College of Engineering at the SJMCA 37th Annual Golf Outing in May. more

2008 Alliance Award Recipient - James Kostic
[5/28/2008] - The 2008 Alliance Award was presented to James Kostic of Rowan University at the SJMCA 36th Annual  Golf Outing. more

Camden County Improvement Authority Names James B. Kehoe Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

Sister Grace - "Underwear Everywhere"
[1/31/2008] - The Alliance, SJMCA & Local 322 presented Sister Grace with 500 pair of underwear for the needy furing the recent SJMCA 2007 Annual Holiday Meeting at Bally's in Atlantic City. more

Local 322 Adds Rigging Program to Curriculum
[12/4/2007] - Local 322 has added a Rigger Certification Program to their training curriculum. This program provides trained, experienced certified riggers at no cost to our contractor or their clients and also provides the men the opportunity to enhance the quality of their work.  Thirteen Local 322  members completed the 40 hours of training and took the EPRI/UA written and practical exams. The addition of this program reinforces the  quality, safety and economical workforce provided for Southern New Jersey. more

[11/7/2007] - WINNERS IN NEW YORK CITY! more

Urban Promise Ministry Receives Its Own ABC Makeover
[11/6/2007] - SJMCA contractors donated their time and services to the makeover for Urban Promise Ministry. The ministry was included in the makeover of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" that built a new home in Pennsauken for the Marrero family and will air November 11th on ABC. link link

Click Here to View our New Industrial Construction Video!
[4/19/2007] - The Alliance has created this marketing video specifically for the Industrial Sector in South Jersey.  A special thanks goes out to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN who provides the narration. link

Click Here to View our New Commercial Construction Video
[4/19/2007] - The Alliance has created this marketing video specifically for the Commercial Construction Sector in South Jersey.  A special thanks goes out to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN who provides the narration. link

Click Here to View a Testimonial Montage from Richard Miller at Virtua Hospital
[1/4/2007] - Richard Miller is the CEO of the Virtua Health Care Network in Southern New Jersey.  Click here to view his testimonial about Virtua and the work that The Alliance does for them! link

The Alliance Launches Website
[10/20/2006] - Welcome to our newly launched website.  The Alliance is a joint partnership between the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association and Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 322.  Please feel free to visit our site often to find out more about us and our involvement in both the community and in building South Jersey the best way we know how, with Union Quality and Safety! more

Click Here to read the article recently written by Monica Yant Kinney of the Philadelphia Inquirer!
[10/18/2006] - Home Rehab a Lesson for Camden Planners!  Click on the headline above for the full article. more

Click Here to read the article recently written by Monica Yant Kinney of the Philadelphia Inquirer!

Home Rehab a Lesson for Camden Planners!  Click on the headline above for the full article.

By Monica Yant Kinney Inquirer Columnist Standing inside the newly rehabbed "Labor of Love" house on Camden's Ferry Avenue Tuesday, I actually wished some bureaucrats had shown up for the party. If only someone from Trenton or City Hall could hear how a church, a nonprofit and a bunch of suburban union workers came together to transform one house as a way of nudging a neighborhood. If only some of the people in charge of Camden's fate realized that maybe the reason the city's $175 million revitalization has been such a big disappointment is because they're thinking too big. Promoting the eviction of 1,200 working-class families from Cramer Hill to make way for a posh golf course development may have been a bold idea, but it led to court dates, not tee times. Prescribing a radical face lift for a scarred city gave chief operating officer Randy Primas such a frown, he's resigning and skipping town. Surely, there's got to be a happier medium between doing what should be done - using Camden's priceless waterfront to boost tax revenue and bring back the middle class - and what must be done - making life more livable for the poor folks who aren't going anywhere. For the latter, the answer may be in the prayer that sold one man on the power of one stone's ripple-effect. Come, Holy Creator, and rebuild the City of Camden. So that we do not labor in vain without you. Come, Holy Savior, and heal all that is broken. In our lives and in our streets. Building up the hope The first time I visited 1725 Ferry Ave., I was wearing a hard hat. The place had been gutted, and all around me, journeymen plumbers and carpenters were using the renovation as teaching tool for students - many of them Camden residents - who viewed a union card as a ticket to a brighter life. The project grew out of a chance encounter between John Connors, the executive director of the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association, and Msgr. Michael Doyle at Sacred Heart parish in Camden's Waterfront South neighborhood. At a breakfast meeting a few years ago, Doyle recited his "Prayer for Camden" and Connors took it personally. Next thing he knew, Connors was plotting with the Heart of Camden (www.heartofcamden.org) in getting organized labor to help the nonprofit turn working-class people into homeowners, abandoned houses into inspiration. Pretty soon, Connors had dozens of $60-an-hour union workers spending nights and weekends for free on Ferry Avenue. Contractors donated most of the materials - from a $10,000 oak floor to the state-of-the-art plumbing that will allow new resident Dillyn Harle to flush the toilet when her dad, Don, is in the shower without scalding him. "Our dream is to make Camden worthy of the children," Doyle said at the unveiling. "How can we have places so harsh? Damaged cities like this shouldn't exist in a country of such wealth." Restoration's ripple effect Don Harle's grandmother attended Sacred Heart school. His great-grandmother did the linens for the church. Harle was born in the city, but grew up in Cherry Hill, returning to the ruins more 12 years ago to do maintenance work and art restoration at Sacred Heart. "When I first moved here, the garbage was waist-deep," he tells me of the home he and Dillyn rented down the block. Once they cleaned and greened, the neighbors started planting flowers, too. There's that small stone rippling for you. From the porch of their new home, the Harles can see fireworks over the Delaware River if they look beyond the scrap metal yard inexplicably occupying prime waterfront real estate, as a state prison does farther north. "Someday, people with money are going to say, 'I'm buying that place and giving people the view of Philly they can't get in Philly,' " Harle says. For now, he'll settle with owning a new house on an old block, using his good fortune to help others make the most of what they've got. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact columnist Monica Yant Kinney at 856-779-3914 or myant@phillynews.com. Read her recent work at http://go.philly.com/yantkinney.

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